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The Résumé of Will Brall

Who am I?

Now celebrating over a dozen years of Web UX, Design and Development excellence.

My goals are simple. I want to challenge myself. I am looking for difficult tasks, the kind of complex applications that I need to lead a team to complete.

I have a proven track record of being able to identify, architect, implement and lead others in implementing cost-saving and revenue-bringing projects. For the last half a decade I have been a core member and thought-leader of the Zenimax Online Studios' web team in support of The Elder Scrolls Online. There I have created and architected systems that drive the marketing, sales and retention of millions of players.

Do you have a need for a web developer with a wide range of abilities? Video games? Artificial Intelligence? Huge scales? The bleeding edge? Beyond the bleeding edge? I am your man.

What do I do?

I consider myself a senior+ level expert in user driven development, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I consider myself an expert overall in many more web technologies and tools, have a fine grasp of the high level needs of servers/integration/configuration/tools/et al, as well as being a skilled UX, Game and Graphic Designer. Creative and technical writing, musical composition, mentoring, dungeon mastering... You could call me a full-stack developer; but my skillset is undersold by that title.

I've written production code in PHP, JS, Ruby, Java, Action Script, Perl, and C#. I've written personal projects in C, C++, COBOL, BASIC, Python, Blitz Basic, BlitzMax, C64 Basic, BrainFuck, Piet, JASS and probably a dozen things I can't remember right now. I've used more frameworks, libraries, scripting, pre-processing, and query languages than I can name: XML, DHTML, XSLT, JSON, CSV, Markdown, Server Side Includes, Blade, Handlebars, SASS, LESS, Coffee Script, too many SQLs, jQuery, Laravel, CodeIgniter, PEAR, Symphony...

What have I done professionally?

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Toys and More?

About this site

This site uses no frameworks or libraries. This is a 100% Vanilla JS site. No jQuery. No Bootstrap. Just HTML5, CSS and JS. The reset methodology used for the CSS is normalize.css and the art was created in Adobe Photoshop. Code in Sublime Text. Also, this is running on a Raspberry Pi in my basement.



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